iLL WiLL PrEss

Pilz-E's second album of chill electronic goodness.
A Collection of Rants from the current series of Foamy!
All the end title music from the Foamy The Squirrel "Chibi" series.
Pilz-E made an album of loop-based music. (Don't get too excited)
All that music you hear during the Twitch streams!
An odd Comic Strip Collection Featuring Foamy The Squirrel
A collection of Comic Strips and sketches from JiM featuring Pum'Kin Guy & Pauline from JiMs Twitch streams.
A story about a strange girl who wants to make Halloween last forever
Take a dark trip into the mind of Germaine's writing process...
An archive of all the Neurotically Yours web comics that have been long removed from the official website...
Over 125 comic strips featuring Germaine & Foamy The Squirrel.
So you want to be part of the Foamy Cult?
An underground comic strip about a sarcastic record store clerk and his anger towards corporate music...
ALL the music from the Classic Foamy Series Neurotically Yours & More!